Rape Culture in Action

Westminster Police Department Lets Accused Rapist Walk Without So Much As An Interrogation Because Convictions Are Hard.


I’m back to update you on the story of Aaron Paschall: Actor, Director, Alleged Rapist.

After a long wait, I finally got a copy of the police report. I am not sure how much I can say, as Colorado has some strong anti-dissemination laws and I’m waiting on a reply from the police to clarify what I can legally disclose. However, here are the main points about this report:

  • Mr. Paschall was accused of sexually assaulting a young lady at his apartment,’
  • The police asked him a few questions, but never arrested or interrogated him before he was able to hire a lawyer.
  • Despite some pretty convincing circumstantial evidence, including his writing the entire incident up as “erotic fiction,” which still survives online to this day, the police never seemed interested in pursuing a clear rape charge. (I won’t link his story, but suffice to say it reads like the manifesto of a rapist who is convinced his victim wanted it).
  • Upon even the most basic of questions, Paschall, through his lawyer, invoked his right to silence and the police never seemed to go any further.
  • Despite the report coming in the fall of 2013, the police report was finalized (and the case brought before the DA) in early 2014, without so much as one attempt to bring him to the station for questions.

That’s the bigger issue to me. Aaron Paschall is, in my opinion, a rapist, a liar, a danger to the world and a flaming piece of shit, but the lack of police action here is the bigger problem. This is the worst police work since Tallahassee Police decided to let Winston off with a stern warning.

The entire tone of this report screams of a department that didn’t really care about the victim. They insist that she said the sexual contact was consensual (then why is she filing a rape report?) and they didn’t even try to get this monster put away.  I guess the police are too busy locking up consensual drug users to go after non-consensual sex offenders.

Now, if Aaron Paschall was a black guy, I would bet my last Euro that he’d be lingering away in jail right now (as well he should be). Unfortunately for his victim, he is the epitome of the privileged, white, male, middle-class and he gets away with his actions without so much as the inconvenience of a single trip to the police station.

Fun fact, Paschall is appearing in a production opening this weekend. I’m sure he’ll enjoy his time on stage…. And don’t worry Westminster Police, I’m sure he’s learned his lesson and won’t ever rape again.



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