New Ground

Ok, I usually never do this, but I can’t stand by without a reaction.


In following up on the Aaron Paschall Rape Allegations, I have been trying to get a comment from the theater company that recently hired him to be a cast member in their production.   I sent a direct email to the company, I also sent one to the music director.  Neither of them have bothered to answer me or even acknowledge my email.

Now I understand that people don’t have to talk if they don’t want to.  I understand that this is a difficult situation and they may be reluctant to acknowledge my questioning if it reflects badly on their company.  However, do these people realize that by stonewalling me they are potentially protecting a rapist?

Paschall met his alleged victim through his work with another theater company (a company he was apparently fired from mid-show and barred from even attending another performance).  If you were running a company, wouldn’t you want to know everything possible about the history of your actors so you can protect others?

There have been no convictions regarding this case, that is true.  But given the police believed the victim’s story and only passed on the case for lack of enough evidence to sway a jury, maybe you should be watching out for the people you employ.

Somewhere in the world, I can only predict there’s a defense lawyer who’s gonna get rich off this company someday.


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