Privacy, Privacy, Privacy

Hello again readers.  It’s been a long time since I checked in with information about the case I covered earlier this year.  While there isn’t much new about the Aaron Paschall rape allegations since the DA decided not to press charges (although a page in the file does suggest the DA believed the allegations were true, as did the detective who investigated), a new gem popped up that just couldn’t be ignored and leads to great joy for all those who want a laugh.

There is a newish social media site out there called Tenacl. Think of it as a combination of a traditional forum and the XBox Avatar Creator.  Good old Paschall jumped right to enjoy the fruits of the new technology, but he also linked it to a name that traces directly back to him with barely any Googling.  He is mainly involved in two sections: “Religion”, where he defends the virtues of Christianity (something that will be revealed as rather ironic in a moment), and “NSFW,” where he speaks at length on his weird and twisted sexual urges (that come off extra creepy when you know about the rape allegations).  He changed his name to “Baxter J,” after a personal spat that spilled over a few websites, but it’s the same guy.

Unfortunately for Mr. Paschall, he doesn’t seem to understand that publicly disclosed information on a not-so-anonymous account goes out to the world for anybody to screen capture.  When discussing your weird sexual history, you should take pains to avoid anything embarrassing, especially something that could affect your life and your reputation in the real world. What could be so embarrassing you ask?  How about this:



Responding a post about “Unusual objects” used for sexual purposes, this idiot voluntarily offered the following quote:

All right, I haven’t seen it on here, so I’ll add mine: the vacuum cleaner.

Used to turn it on and insert my dick into the nozzle – if I got it just right (and I got good at getting it just right!) it would block most of the air trying to get in, and whatever skin was near the crack where the air could get in would get vibrated furiously. And hey – no mess to clean up afterwards. Noisy as heck, though.

That was when I was younger teen, though, and sadly, they don’t make vacuums with hoses big enough to accommodate my more mature girth. I’ve kept an eye out.

Go ahead and let that sink in for a bit.  Remember internet, nothing is private, everything can be found online and for God’s sake, don’t ever reveal that you intentionally fucked a vacuum cleaner.

But to all those Hooversexuals out there.  Don’t  worry friends,  I’m sure there is a lovely little dustbuster out there waiting for you.



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