It’s Goin Down…. Cause I’m on Tinder

Greetings and Salutations, friends and loyal readers.  Vindex Reis here with another hot update on our favorite sexual predator and all around creep, Mr. Aaron Paschall.  A quick side note before we start:  A few have emailed in, asking me to explain the name Vindex Reis.  Because I work in journalism as my “real” job, it was important to protect my anonymity online, so a pseudonym was needed for this blog.  The name itself is a Latin phrase made up of two important words: Vindex, meaning “Avenger” and Reis, meaning “Guilty.”  Put together, the phrase also translates roughly to “Justly,” which I thought was a great explanation of my mission.  To serve as an avenger for the innocent to punish the guilty and to do so justly.  That being said, lets move on to the fun stuff.

When we last left Aaron Paschall, the idiot learned a strong lesson in internet privacy when he openly posted under an easily traceable screen name that he had a habit of regularly fucking vacuum cleaners (read all about it here).  After I revealed his proclamation to the world (or at least to the roughly 150 unique visitors I got off that post), he cleaned up his act and removed just about all traces of himself over the net.  I thought that might be the end of the blog completely, so I resigned myself to leaving up the vestiges and hoping that if even one future victim googled his name before a date, a horrible crime may yet be prevented.  However, I received a treasure trove of helpful information a few months ago.  They came from a female who asked to remain anonymous and requested only that I hold off on posting anything for a few months so it couldn’t be traced back to her. I happily accepted both terms and here we are.

One of the more interesting things I learned is a striking irony.  Although you can google his old screen name “BaxJanson” and read all about Mr. Paschall’s “Christian” morals, our friend is on Tinder.  For those who don’t know, Tinder is a rather infamous hook up site.  It’s basically used almost exclusively to find one night stands.  While there is nothing wrong with that in itself, when one is preaching Christian morals to the world while looking for some swipe-right strange, it reeks of hypocrisy.  Here is a screenshot of Paschall’s page courtesy of our friends at Tinder Queens, bringing you “The bad bisches of Tinder.”  I have blocked out his face for reader safety.  When you see his face, you want to throw something at it and I don’t want to be sued for broken monitors.


Let’s parse out a little information here.  Aside form the usual self-aggrandizing hot air common to his posts (Seriously, I’ve had to sift through a bunch of them.  As bad as this writing is, the small sample means it’s a step up from his usual shit). He claims to be a jack of all trades.  I guess that’s true if you include alleged stalking and alleged sexual assault as a trade.  He also claims to be “fascinated by philosophy and formal logic.”  Hmmm…. Apparently he skipped the sections on ethics.  Finally, he ends with a happy lie, dropping a full ten years off his age (he’s willing to pretend).

Two notes before we head off:  First, to my readers.  If this loser shows up on your Tinder, for your own protection, swipe left.  Second, to our friend and subject of this post:  You are creepy.  Please stop before you find yourself slapped with a restraining order or something.


Good Deeds and Infamy

Not much to say, but It’s nice to be loved, and ever since my big vacuum post, the popularity of this site has exploded.  So stick with me peeps, I have some great new content loaded and ready to fire when the time is right.  I’m just dealing with legal trouble from my “real job” and a ton of work on a new assignment, so updates are coming, but it may take some time.

For this post, I figured I’d do a follow up.  Longtime readers (and nearly every new reader) will immediately remember the infamous vacuum post I put up in early November warning about the dangers of posting extremely personal information in an account that can be easily traced back to your real-world identity.  If you aren’t familiar with it, take a look at it here.

I’m very happy to announce that my message has been heard and I’ve done me good deed for the year.  Mr. Paschall, the alleged sexual predator, alleged horrible person and confirmed idiot, has learned a small lesson in how the internet works.  Approximately a month after that post went live, he completely abandoned that username, leaving himself virtually untraceable across the inter-tubes.  He even went back and deleted a few of his more embarrassing activities (a word of warning though, tumblr lasts forever buddy).  So I figure I did a pretty good thing, I saved a horrible person and complete idiot from a lot of self-inflicted embarrassment.  I don’t know whether to celebrate or take a shower.

I’ll be back soon, so don’t give up on me yet, but in the meantime, if anybody has a good story to share about our resident hooversexual, send an email to

Until next time sport’s fans: Remember our motto here at Revealing Injustice: When life gives you lemons, shut up and eat the damn lemons.

Happy New Year My Friends

This has been an interesting year, that’s for sure.  Between the unrest in Ferguson, New York City, Seattle and just about everywhere else, my real job has been a nightmare, but my fake job (running this), has been a blast.  I’d like to thank all my readers for their devotion (although I never broke 25 visitors until I started blogging about the vacuum fucking).

Here’s hoping that 2015 carries us to new heights.  Remember, if you have any new tips to send in, send them to (Whoo Hoo!  New free email address).  And remember friends, Privacy is important, everything lives forever on the internet and simply running and hiding is not a long term solution.

Happy New Year from Vindex Reis.

Privacy, Privacy, Privacy

Hello again readers.  It’s been a long time since I checked in with information about the case I covered earlier this year.  While there isn’t much new about the Aaron Paschall rape allegations since the DA decided not to press charges (although a page in the file does suggest the DA believed the allegations were true, as did the detective who investigated), a new gem popped up that just couldn’t be ignored and leads to great joy for all those who want a laugh.

There is a newish social media site out there called Tenacl. Think of it as a combination of a traditional forum and the XBox Avatar Creator.  Good old Paschall jumped right to enjoy the fruits of the new technology, but he also linked it to a name that traces directly back to him with barely any Googling.  He is mainly involved in two sections: “Religion”, where he defends the virtues of Christianity (something that will be revealed as rather ironic in a moment), and “NSFW,” where he speaks at length on his weird and twisted sexual urges (that come off extra creepy when you know about the rape allegations).  He changed his name to “Baxter J,” after a personal spat that spilled over a few websites, but it’s the same guy.

Unfortunately for Mr. Paschall, he doesn’t seem to understand that publicly disclosed information on a not-so-anonymous account goes out to the world for anybody to screen capture.  When discussing your weird sexual history, you should take pains to avoid anything embarrassing, especially something that could affect your life and your reputation in the real world. What could be so embarrassing you ask?  How about this:



Responding a post about “Unusual objects” used for sexual purposes, this idiot voluntarily offered the following quote:

All right, I haven’t seen it on here, so I’ll add mine: the vacuum cleaner.

Used to turn it on and insert my dick into the nozzle – if I got it just right (and I got good at getting it just right!) it would block most of the air trying to get in, and whatever skin was near the crack where the air could get in would get vibrated furiously. And hey – no mess to clean up afterwards. Noisy as heck, though.

That was when I was younger teen, though, and sadly, they don’t make vacuums with hoses big enough to accommodate my more mature girth. I’ve kept an eye out.

Go ahead and let that sink in for a bit.  Remember internet, nothing is private, everything can be found online and for God’s sake, don’t ever reveal that you intentionally fucked a vacuum cleaner.

But to all those Hooversexuals out there.  Don’t  worry friends,  I’m sure there is a lovely little dustbuster out there waiting for you.

Response to California Sexual Assault Bill Shows Why It Is Needed.

This will be a quick post while Ferguson is still on my mind.

For those that don’t know California passed a landmark new law aimed at preventing sexual assaults and providing better avenues for victims to report the crimes.  It’s a complicated law, but the most important thing it does is change the standard to affirmative consent.  Basically, they shifted the focus during rape investigations from “did you say no?” to “Did she say yes?”  It mostly serves to preempt the ambiguity defense favored by rapists of a certain MO.

The basic pattern is the same.  Guy gets girl incapacitated in some way, be it drugs, alcohol, prescription medication, waiting till the middle of the night or some or all of the above and initiates sexual activity.  Now, under existing law, this is already rape. The person has had sexual contact with a person unable to consent, but the rapists would defend themselves saying “She didn’t say no or do anything to stop me.:  Never mind that before you have sex (or engage in sexual activity), you have a legal duty to ensure your partner is not only consenting, but also in the right frame of mind to give consent.  Quite frankly, if you don’t do that, you’re a rapist and a piece of shit.

This small, but significant change has predictably brought out the MRA assholes in the internet.  Usually young men who still live with their parents and blame their lack of a sex life and failed relationships on a shadowy cabal of feminists who actively seek to destroy men and everything men enjoy.  This coalition of the douches often take their message to the masses, trying to find converts to their perverted cause, but anyone with a functioning brain stem usually laughs at them.  This is one of those cases.

Put frankly.  There is no reason to be against this law.  If you don’t have consent before beginning or continuing sexual activity, you are a rapist.  If you think “she said yes” matters when your partner is drunk, high, half asleep or affected by medication, you are a rapist.  There is no reason to oppose this law other than “Damn!  There goes my defense.”

Often the biggest worry for these douche-nozzles is that “innocent men are going to be falsely accused of rape.”  They insist this happens to the average man at least five times a month, as if men around the country just live in fear of the police investigating them for rape.  However, their hypocrisy and douchitude is clearly on display and can be attacked with one single observation: Outside of this travesty of justice of false rape, none of these pimply-faced asshats worries about false conviction.  Go to any MRA site (I do NOT recommend that on a full stomach) and you will see a lot about “sluts and bitches” leading these poor nice guys on before dumping them in the dreaded “friendzone.”  You will read all about how the feminists secretly desire to castrate all men and have their testicles from the rear view mirrors of their girl-power-mobiles.  You’ll hear a shit ton of noise about the eroding rights of men under the demon specter of equality, but you won’t see a damn thing about the 100s (1000s?) of people sitting in jail right now for crimes they didn’t commit.

That is the heart of the problem.  Put simply, these fuckknuckles don’t care about false accusations.  They care about not losing their only path to getting any: Rape.

Insight for the Week

Sorry for the gaps friends, I have been working overtime on a big story for my paper’s online magazine on police brutality and corruption and how it led to the situation in Ferguson.
I did want to drop in and send a quick quote from our online editor about life:

There is nothing more pathetic than a man in his 30’s who lives in his parent’s basement.  If you reach that point, you’re no good to anybody.  The smart thing to do is kill yourself now and spare the world your existence.

I’m in my early 20’s and I have my own place, so I guess I’m safe.

New Ground

Ok, I usually never do this, but I can’t stand by without a reaction.


In following up on the Aaron Paschall Rape Allegations, I have been trying to get a comment from the theater company that recently hired him to be a cast member in their production.   I sent a direct email to the company, I also sent one to the music director.  Neither of them have bothered to answer me or even acknowledge my email.

Now I understand that people don’t have to talk if they don’t want to.  I understand that this is a difficult situation and they may be reluctant to acknowledge my questioning if it reflects badly on their company.  However, do these people realize that by stonewalling me they are potentially protecting a rapist?

Paschall met his alleged victim through his work with another theater company (a company he was apparently fired from mid-show and barred from even attending another performance).  If you were running a company, wouldn’t you want to know everything possible about the history of your actors so you can protect others?

There have been no convictions regarding this case, that is true.  But given the police believed the victim’s story and only passed on the case for lack of enough evidence to sway a jury, maybe you should be watching out for the people you employ.

Somewhere in the world, I can only predict there’s a defense lawyer who’s gonna get rich off this company someday.